AWS Developer Job Description

  • July 12, 2023
AWS Developer Job Description

​Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently one of the most popular cloud service providers in the industry as cloud usage grows globally.

The AWS platform provides a wide range of services, such as database storage, content delivery, streamlined cloud processes, and a variety of other features to assist businesses in scaling and growing.

As a result of this growth, the demand for roles such as dedicated AWS developers is increasing.

If you are in search of guidance on how to become an AWS developer, what does an AWS developer do? Then you are in the right place. Keep reading.

What does an AWS developer do?

AWS developers work on applications or programs that run on the Amazon Web Service cloud-based platform. You can say that AWS developers are the same as other cloud developers, but they only work on AWS.

AWS developers design or redesign complex software components and applications. They work with the IT team to migrate web apps to AWS.

Their main responsibility is to maximize how an organization uses Amazon services, which involves anything from content delivery and code authoring to data storage. The AWS Developer will often construct or upgrade the mobile hub and supervise the configuration of various features, such as push notifications and user authentication.

What are the skills required for an AWS developer?

In this section, we do a deep dive into the skills required for an AWS developer:

AWS Cloud Development: As developers’ work will be on the AWS platform, they must be familiar with every little detail. As an AWS developer, you must be well-versed in AWS-based apps. Any candidate for an AWS job is required to have extensive experience on a variety of AWS-related projects.

Programming Language Knowledge: The most important skill of an AWS developer is knowing how to code. A candidate must have the ability to develop code in programming languages such as C#, Java, PHP, ASP.Net, or Python. 

Understanding these languages is equivalent to having deep knowledge of cloud computing. Furthermore, knowing the programming language aids in the generation of logical solutions and the exploration of new technologies.

Understand Container: Containers are a bonus for Amazon Cloud Architects. They assist enterprises in the creation of hybrid applications, the consolidation of batch-processing processes, and the transfer of programs from one computing environment to another. AWS container services are also frequently used. However, it is best to develop and improve all of these skill sets.

AWS SDK: Last but not least, familiarize yourself with the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK). This medium aids in understanding how the application will interact with AWS in the code. 

Without a doubt, the API layer is huge, and even specialists become confused when it comes to discovering new concepts. Nonetheless, familiarity with the SDK ensures smooth interaction with AWS. 

Acquiring SDK experience is never a waste of time. Instead, you will discover this technology’s brilliance, and it may become one of your strongest AWS talents.

Communication Skills: Another essential for an AWS developer is the ability to communicate effectively. Effective communication can help you maintain a solid relationship with your client. Strong interpersonal skills are also required to establish great working connections with colleagues, especially if you work in a team.

AWS Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Now that you understand the skills required for an AWS developer, here are some key AWS developer roles and responsibilities.

Application Design and Development:

The main role of the developer is to design and create dependable applications for Amazon Web Services. The AWS cloud services have over 200 features that are designed to make their tasks easier. To execute their tasks properly, developers must learn them. With the expertise in tools and features, they will be developing these applications faster.

Communicating with Clients:

AWS developers are accountable for keeping their clients up to date on the status of their assignments. They must guarantee that strategies are followed and that clients and developers properly communicate. They must fully understand the client’s goal and vision to accomplish this.

Cloud-based Application Debugging:

Problems are common while designing and developing applications. As an AWS developer, you are responsible for providing solutions and resolving problems. It is part of your work to debug or troubleshoot the programs you created.

Some other roles and responsibilities of AWS developers:

  • Analyzing the current application and software infrastructure of a company.
  • Seeking innovative ideas to improve performance.
  • Establish best practices for application deployment and infrastructure management.
  • Make use of best practices when designing, testing, implementing, and supporting a solution.
  • Create specifications for complicated software components and applications to create or redesign them.
  • Create serverless applications using various Amazon services.
  • Examine programs for technical flaws.

Does an AWS developer need coding?AWS is well-known for being the most powerful and trustworthy cloud platform, with a wide range of features and services. However, aspiring learners always wonder, does an AWS developer need coding?

When working with AWS, coding is not always necessary. AWS can be managed in two ways: manually or programmatically. Developers who are unable to handle AWS with code can use a graphical user interface. As a result, various courses are offered in AWS that may be learned without prior coding skills.

But, this does not imply that you will not require any coding knowledge in the future.

Finally, AWS developers have a promising future and excellent salaries. We have thoroughly explored the job profile of an AWS developer, the skills required to become an AWS developer, and the best path to becoming a professional AWS developer.

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