Top 10 Websites To Learn React.js For Free

  • July 11, 2023
Top 10 Websites To Learn React.js For Free

Welcome to 2023, the digital age in which learning any language or skill is possible thanks to improved technologies and broad platform availability.

Platforms such as YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, and others provide a wide range of content and learning materials. You can access quality education and pick up new skills using these free online platforms.

If you are a beginner in the technical sector and want to kickstart your career by learning new technology, we suggest React.js.

The front-end developer market is booming, and React.js developers are in high demand.

This blog will explain what React is, how to learn code, and the best free platforms to learn React.js in 2023.

What Is React?

React is a front-end library that has become a crucial part of today’s web development stack.

React.js is an open-source JavaScript framework and library created for internal use by Facebook developers. It is mainly used for quickly and efficiently creating interactive user interfaces with less code.

It is a component-based front-end library that is solely responsible for the view layer of an MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.

React is used to build modular user interfaces and encourages the creation of reusable UI components that display dynamic data.

What Makes React Special?

React has a lot of benefits for developing the front-ends of web applications. React applications are scalable and easy to modify.

It improves code understanding by using a single language for both the client and server sides of web development.

React provides streamlined workflow patterns for convenient teamwork. Its code is simple to read and maintain for developers.

Many world-leading companies, such as Meta, Reddit, Netflix, Airbnb, Pinterest, Udemy, Twitter, Discord, etc., use React technology in their products.

If you are looking for a team of React.js developers, then you must check this comprehensive guide on how to hire a React.js developer.

How does React.js work?

React works by breaking down a user interface into reusable components. A component is a piece of code that can be modified or updated without affecting the rest of the application.

To create a page with React, you must call each component, basically a JavaScript Function, in a specific order so that users can see it.

React also uses a virtual DOM, which is a lightweight copy of the actual DOM. It allows users to have faster upgrades and better performance.

When a change is made to the UI, React compares the virtual DOM with the actual DOM and updates the necessary components for efficient rendering.

React uses one-way data flow, which means data flows only in one direction through a component hierarchy. This approach simplifies the management of an application’s state.

According to, JavaScript ranks fourth among the top ten languages used in 2022 and will become increasingly popular in 2023.

These blogs will be a valuable resource for you if you are looking to hire React JS developers.

10 Best Free Platforms To Learn React in 2023

Now let’s talk about some great websites/platforms where you can learn and master your React.js skills for free.


Starting with the official documentation of any language is always a good idea because it was prepared by experts who develop the technology.

It covers almost every aspect without errors and gives you a better understanding of technology from basic to advanced.

You can learn everything from installing the React environment to writing your first Hello World program to creating your own hooks.

2. Youtube

YouTube is the undisputed leader in online video platforms for learning any technology or skill. There are countless free React.js videos and course playlists available on YouTube.

Some of the best youtube channels to learn React.js are CodeWithHerry, Simplilearn, JavaScript Mastery, CodeWithMosh, etc.

3. Udemy

On Udemy, many free React courses are available, but not all of them are good. If you are a beginner, we recommend React.js Frontend Web Development For Beginners, an up-to-date React course that teaches you the basics, working with Hooks and API, and some other React.js features.

We’ve all heard of Udemy; it doesn’t need an introduction. Udemy is a free and paid online educational platform with thousands of courses in several technology and industries.

If you are a beginner and want to know how to become a React.js developer, then here we have created the How to Become a React.js Developer guide, please read.

4. Freecodecamp

One of the largest developer communities, Freecodecamp offers a number of React.js tutorials. Many learners found good jobs by learning from their courses and tutorials.

Build an Online Store is one of the best courses to learn React for beginners and intermediate developers.

5. Coursera

Coursera provides React.js and other technology specialisation and professional certification courses.

Front-End Web Development With React is a good tutorial to start learning React. This tutorial will teach you about its component, JSX, as well as advanced concepts such as one-page applications, flow architecture, Redux, and how to use the REST API.

6. Scrimba

The ultimate React 101 by Scrimba is another great platform to learn React for free in 2023. This is an interactive course for beginners to learn React.js from the start.

You will learn about the basics and advanced of React by solving interactive coding challenges and fun projects.

7. Coursesity

At Coursesity, you can discover the best online React.js programming tutorials and courses to learn web and app development for free.

There are plenty of courses in React for both beginner and experienced developers.

8. Pluralsight

The Pluralsight platform offers thousands of courses created by professional developers and experts.

Building Applications with React and Redux by Pluralsight is the best course for intermediate learners who want to learn how to build React applications using modern technologies.

9. AlterClass

While it does have a premium React course that covers everything you need to know to become a professional developer, you can learn React fundamentals for free here.

With the React Fundamental Course, you can learn the basics of React JS frameworks like props, state management, JSX, and much more.

10. W3schools

W3schools is a comprehensive website that offers a plethora of relevant courses and tutorials. It provides a wide selection of tutorials, references, exercises, and practices to help you improve your skills.

You can simply study React.js from the bottom and become an expert by following the entire guide.


That’s all about the 10 best free platforms to learn React.js in 2023.

Undoubtedly, front-end web technologies are rapidly becoming popular and React is among the best choices. It is important to enhance skills to stay ahead in the competition.

Moreover, If you want to know about how to become a React.js developer, then read this guide and kickstart your career in React.js.

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