React.js vs React Native: Which One is Better?

  • July 12, 2023
React.js vs React Native: Which One is Better?

Knowing almost everything about technology is a common thing for a tech-savvy. But, for a person from a non-tech background, it can be quite confusing, especially if two or more technologies have similar names, as in React and React Native.

Most people from a non-tech background often get confused between React.js and React Native and simply can’t tell the difference between react vs. React Native. If you are among those, don’t get overwhelmed because we have got you covered. We have decoded it like onion layers for you. Read the blog to know more.

Know React.js and React Native


React, popularly known as React.js, is a Front-end Development Library, meaning it’s an open-source JavaScript library mainly used for single-page web applications. React.js supports both the front end and the server due to its blazing-fast speed, component-based architecture, and JavaScript and HTML integration features.

React Native

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework introduced by Facebook for developing cross-platform (Windows, Android, and iOS) native mobile apps. It helps build more streamlined and seamless mobile apps with its ability to generate platform-specific code, less development time, ready-to-use UI libraries, and easy usability and understanding.

Difference Between React.js vs. React Native

To understand which is better React.js or React Native, you first need to know the difference between React.js vs.React Native. Let’s figure out the major differences between these two in the most simplified way. 


  • is primarily used for developing websites (single-page)
  • You can use React.js when you want to build a fast and stable UI for your website
  • It saves so much of the developer’s time due to its reusable components and fast rendering or reloading
  • Is a JavaScript Library

React Native

  • Is best for developing cross-platform mobile applications
  • It Saves developer’s time with its pre-built components and reusable codes for distinct platforms
  • Is primarily used for mobile development
  • Is a framework

To understand the React Native vs. React.js difference better, you need to understand the difference between a framework and a library.

Framework vs. Library:

A React.js library is a collection of predefined or pre-composed rules and routines that a developer can use multiple times without writing every line of code from scratch. Libraries cover common use cases, and one can incorporate them into frameworks.

On the other hand, frameworks are more intricate than libraries. Built as a framework, React Native has pre-built components and reusable code that supports the developers while building mobile apps.

Now, a common question arises: is React Native harder than React.js? You can learn both as they follow similar principles or methodologies. However, learning React Native is much easier if you already know JavaScript or even faster if you know React.js.

Conclusion: React.js vs. React Native

Facebook has always backed up React.js and React Native equally. Both React.js and React Native have successfully gained an enormous fanbase in a short span, the reason being their ready-to-use libraries, easy-to-understand methodologies, reusable components, high performance, and scalability.

So, which is better React.js or React Native? When it comes to developing the best user-friendly mobile app, you can use React Native, whereas for developing fast and stable UI-based websites, React.js is the best.

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React.js vs. React Native – understand the differences and choose the right tech for your project needs.

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