Flutter Developer Job Description

Mobile apps are currently ruling the world, and hence mobile application development is in high demand. While there are a variety of technologies used for mobile app development, Flutter has a solid user base worldwide.

However, developing robust cross-platform mobile apps using Flutter requires the right skill set to turn the project from idea to execution.

In this blog, we are furnishing the easiest steps to write the right job description to hire the best Flutter developer for your organization.

And we have also covered one more post for you on how to hire a Flutter developer guide. which also helps you to select the right candidate

Keep reading to understand what does a Flutter developer do? Or what are the skills required for a Flutter developer?

What does a Flutter Developer do?

To hire the best Flutter developer, you need to write a job description matching your project needs, which requires a thorough understanding of what does a Flutter developer do?

A Flutter developer is one who develops cross-platform mobile applications using the Dart programming language. As a front-end developer, a dedicated Flutter developer must be proficient with the Flutter framework for creating high-end mobile applications for platforms like Android and iOS.

A Flutter developer also works with the backend developers and the UI designers to create a smooth-running mobile app as per the requirements of the project.

Flutter Developer Job Description

Follow these steps to write the right Flutter developer job description for all your Flutter developer requirements.

About the Company

First, you need to describe your company in brief. In this section, write what your company does in 4-5 lines, where you need to mention whether you are a service or product-based company. It will help the candidate to understand better his job role in your organization.

Flutter Developer Job Description

To write an impressive Flutter developer job description, make sure to describe the job description clearly while highlighting the role of the candidate who will get shortlisted for that particular role, i.e., Flutter developer. For instance:

“As a Flutter developer, you will be developing high-quality and scalable mobile applications that can run on multiple platforms (Android and iOS). A dedicated Flutter developer must be capable of working with other development team members effectively and understand the app development lifecycle.”

Senior Flutter Developer Job Description

While hiring for senior positions, you need to be very specific about the job role. You have certain requirements that you want fulfilling from the candidate joining as a senior Flutter developer in your organization. It will help you hire the right fit for your requirements. For example:

“As a senior Flutter developer, you will be in charge of reviewing the software application and UI mockups, developing a mobile browser application from scratch, and leading the application testing process. You have to work alongside a team of backend developers and UI designers to ensure developing high-performance applications with a smooth and sweet user interface.”

Flutter Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Flutter is a popular and highly in-demand technology, which is why Flutter developer roles and responsibilities are heavy. The roles and responsibilities are a major part of the Flutter developer job description. Here are the primary roles and responsibilities you can mention in your job description:

  • You will be designing and developing user-friendly mobile applications
  • To ensure the application is compatible with multiple platforms
  • Identify and resolve software issues occurring in the system
  • Coordination with other team members during the application development process
  • Providing support and maintenance of applications
  • Write clean, crisp, and clear code
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest technology and innovative trends
  • To participate throughout the application development life cycle attentively
  • Sharing feedback and brainstorming ideas for improvement in the application development process
  • Communicating with engineering and product leads to implement business project objectives
  • Developing UI components and implementing them by following the popular Flutter framework and Dart language
  • {You can add any other responsibilities according to your project requirements and job role}


Week 1 Expectations

During your first week, it’s expected that you’ll gain an understanding of the practices and processes utilized by the team. Additionally, you should take some time to become familiar with the various stacks and products being worked on.

Month 1 Expectations

By the end of your first month, you’re expected to build a codebase using Dart for at least one product feature. You should also document your work and run tests to improve the product’s performance.

Six-Month Expectations

As you approach your six-month mark, you’re expected to take feedback and use it to improve the existing codebase to prepare for future upgrades. Additionally, you should be taking a lead role in developing other product features and driving development initiatives.

What are the Skills and Qualifications Required for a Flutter developer?

It must be the prime focal point of your best Flutter developer job description, as from this section, the applicant will get a clear idea of what skills he/she needs to get this role or if they are well-qualified for the same or not. Also, it will reduce your application shortlisting time as only the candidates having the desired skills will be applying for the same.

Here is a sample of the top skills that you need to mention in your Flutter developer job application to find the best Flutter developer for your project:

Hands-on experience in developing Android/iOS applications and deploying them on the Google Play/App Store

  • 2-3+ years of experience in mobile app development.
  • Strong understanding of front-end mobile app development technologies like HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • Thorough understanding of Object Oriented Programming languages like C++, JAVA, and Swift.
  • Knowledge of UX/UI design principles and material design.
  • Experience with Dart, Flutter, and React Native programming languages.
  • Must be familiar with version control tools like Jira, and Git.
  • Strong understanding of application development lifecycle.
  • Good communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Must have experience working remotely to coordinate with other team members and tech leads to deliver the project efficiently and successfully.
  • Knowledge of RestAPIs and integrating various APIs from third parties.
  • Understanding of Agile methodology.


Demonstrated experience working remotely and coordinating tech initiatives with diverse teams to deliver projects successfully.

Previous experience working in any startup stage or independently developing projects from concept to launch.

General Hiring Process:

  • Round 1: Candidates are required to complete a home test that involves developing a solution code to solve a given problem statement.
  • Round 2: A technical interview is conducted to assess both hard and soft skills.
  • Round 3: Candidates will have an interview with the company’s founder.
  • Round 4: Finally, there will be an HR interview.

Why Work with Us:

At ABC, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Work remotely from anywhere in a fully remote role.
  • Receive a highly competitive salary and benefits package.
  • Be a part of flat and transparent company culture.
  • Receive support in setting up your home office.
  • Be a part of a culture that fosters exponential growth and learning opportunities.

Who you’ll work with:

As a team member, you’ll collaborate closely with the founder, the engineering team lead, and the design team. If you’d want to know more about the individuals you’ll be functioning with, you can find their profiles here: [insert links to LinkedIn and AngelList profiles].

How to Apply:

  • If interested, you can send your resume via email to [insert email ID].
  • If you know anyone who can be a great fit for this position, feel free to refer them to us.
  • For any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to email us at [insert email ID].


It’s amazing how mobile app development is in full swing dominating the tech industry, and thus expert Flutter developers are constantly in demand. This graph will continue to grow. To find the best Flutter developer for your project requirements, look for the ones having the right skill sets.

Also, keep in mind the geographic proximity, service costs, project deadlines, scope of work and budget, social compatibility, and accessibility of developers. While hiring dedicated Flutter developers, look for the ones with the best skill sets and expertise. If you need help to Hire a Flutter developer, Sourcebae is here.

And if you are a student who wants to make a career as a Flutter developer then do check out our post How to Become a Flutter Developer. I hope this will help you.

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