How to Hire a PHP Developer

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What Is The Salary Of A PHP Freelancer?

When it comes to salary, there are definitely some differences by province. The United States has the highest salary listed for developers due to the high demand and cost of living.

  • U.S- $85,000/yr
  • Mexico-$20,486/yr
  • India-$7,328/yr

Is PHP Highly Paid?

It depends on the developers’ experience, work requirements, and time availability. Although, it is always considered as a highly paid job in current times.

Final Words

If you are looking to hire PHP developer, you can not be sure of the best talent until you get to start working with them.

But with SourceBae, you can eliminate this risk by hiring AI-vetted PHP developers for on-site, remote, or on a contract basis. 

It is super simple, easy, and free to hire with SourceBae.

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