How To Become An AngularJS Developer

The demand for skilled mobile and web application developers is augmenting like never before across the globe. Therefore, if you want to become a software developer, you must get mastered some specific programming language, framework, platform or concept. It will add up to your value in the market.

AngularJS is an open and free web application framework based on JavaScript. It is the initial version of Angular. So, if you have been searching on Google for how to become an AngularJS developer expert lately, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we have covered everything from AngularJS developer skills to salary. So let’s begin with knowing what Angular is and how it is related to AngularJS.

What is Angular and How it is Related to AngularJS

Angular is an open and free client-side web application development framework based on TypeScript.

On the contrary, AngularJS is a discontinued free and open-source JavaScript-based framework used for developing single-page web applications (SPAs). 

Google released it in 2010 and managed it along with a community of individuals and corporations.

However, later the developers decided to create its updated version, but surprisingly, they ended up creating a whole new platform based on TypeScript. They then named this new version “Angular” and the former “AngularJS”.

Both Angular and AngularJS are popular and trusted by developer communities across the globe. Moreover, Angular is becoming more popular as it is faster than AngularJS, provides better execution with components, allows smoother migrations compared to earlier versions, and has a mobile-driven approach.

What Does an AngularJS Developer Do?

Single page applications (SPAs) developed using AngularJS, which is an MVC(Model-View-Controller) framework, can refresh the page dynamically. Top AngularJS developers are in demand, and thus knowing everything in detail regarding what exactly an Angular developer does will help you make more informed decisions.

An expert AngularJS developer is a highly skilled JavaScript programmer who has specialisation in developing single-page web applications using the Angular platform and framework.

Let’s have a look at the responsibilities of an AngularJS developer to have a thorough understanding of what you will be doing as an AngularJS developer:

  • Designing and developing interactive user interfaces using AngularJS best practices
  • Collaborating in making design and technical decisions for Angular projects
  • Delivering a fully-functional AngularJS application
  • Writing codes in HTML, SCC, and JavaScript
  • Conducting performance tests across all platforms, such as mobile and desktop
  • Coordinating workflow between cross-functional teams like graphic designers, 
  • Angular developers, and HTML coders
  • Cooperating with back-end developers during the development of RESTful APIs
  • Building effective communication with external web services

Note that the responsibilities may vary from company to company or project to project based on the requirements.

Hence, gaining adequate knowledge of the AngularJS platform and framework will help you increase your value in the tech marketplace.

So, let’s move to the roadmap to becoming an expert AngularJS developer.

Skills to Become an AngularJS Developer

So, here are the skills you need to have to become the best AngularJS developer:

  • Hands-on experience in JavaScript
  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of RESTful Services and APIs
  • Familiarity with SEO
  • Knowledge of Testing and Debugging
  • Understanding of TypeScript (for easy migration from AngularJS to Angular)

Again, you must learn other important skills, like communication skills, for effective communication to make the whole development process smoother.

How to Become an AngularJS Developer Expert?

To crack the code of how to be an AngularJS developer, you need to follow these steps:

  • Learn JavaScript and TypeScript

JavaScript is the foundation of Angular, as the first version of Angular is based on JavaScript, and it will help you start your career as an AngularJS developer. The later iterations of Angular are based on TypeScript. Still, having a clear understanding of JavaScript is a must-have skill.

  • Learn CSS and HTML

Learning subsequent technologies like CSS and HTML is a must for an AngularJS developer as these are the tech stacks required to build a front-end SPA using the Angular platform.

  • Gain Expertise in Angular

Finally, you should gain in-depth knowledge of the platform itself. Because you will be building the Angular applications on the Angular platform using the Angular framework, hence knowing the tool is a must. You can take help from several online tutorials and websites to become an AngularJS expert.

  • Upgrade Your Skills

There’s no other way than to create a mockup of an Angular website using core web frameworks for AngularJS application development. You can also do volunteer work or internships with organisations working on the AngularJS framework for creating SPAs. The on-job experience will give you valuable feedback about your work, and you can sharpen your existing skills.

  • Keep Coding

Never stop practising what you already know. The same goes for AngularJS development. Keep coding and practising to fine-tune your skills, as every employer prefers a candidate who can code efficiently and error-free.

  • Join a Community

Joining an online AngularJS development community will help you develop new skills, beautify the existing ones, and will help you stay updated with the latest trends in AngularJS development.


1. How long does it take to become an AngularJS developer?

It’s up to you how fast you can learn. If you can spend 2-3 hours daily, you can learn AngularJS in 2-3 months.

2. Is AngularJS developer a good career?

Yes, AngularJS is currently being widely used for UI development. Hence, it will be used for dynamic web applications.

3. How much does an AngularJS developer earn?

In India, the salary of an AngularJS developer ranges between ₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 12.0 Lakhs.

4. What is the average salary of an AngularJS developer?

The average salary of an AngularJS developer is ₹ 4.2 Lakhs (estimated).


The demand for dynamic web applications is likely to increase, thus the requirement for an expert AngularJS developer.

Hence, mastering these steps is the answer to the most obvious question: How to be a good AngularJS developer.

The one who gets these steps right will surely become an expert AngularJS developer.

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